About Us

CBD ReLeaf was started by Alton & Terri Anderson. Terri was injured in a near fatal auto accident in March 2017. During her 9-month recovery, Terri tried CBD oil in an attempt to help alleviate her pain, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Her husband, Alton, took her to talk with John Mitchell, owner of Simply CBD and Green Door Farms of TN, to learn if CBD could help alleviate some of her symptoms. After starting CBD, Terri was able to come off of her prescription medications within 6 months - guided by her physician.

Terri and Alton decided they wanted to share their positive experiences with CBD and offer this amazing product to others with the hopes of increasing the quality of life of others. Terri has been a nurse for over 30+ years and has become passionate and knowledgeable about CBD products. With her healthcare experience, she can assist you in choosing the right product for your issues.

CBD ReLeaf has exclusive rights to Green Door Farm of Tn products who offer high-quality CBD products which are derived from premium industrial hemp. John Mitchell is the owner of Simply CBD and Green Door Farms of TN. All of the products have been independently third-party tested for quality.

Green Door Farms was founded by John Mitchell, a former infantry Marine and a retired undercover narcotics detective. John suffered from chronic knee pain due to his time in the military and back pain as a result of an on-duty injury when a fleeing suspect ran him over with his vehicle. John became intrigued about the benefits of CBD, and he decided to try CBD to find out if it might be helpful for his pain. He tried many different brands of CBD; some from gas stations and some from stores that specialized in CBD. He found that many of the products were ineffective, and likely counterfeit. He also found that the products that did offer relief were drastically overpriced, and it was then that he decided to open his own CBD store.

He envisioned a retail location that not only specialized in quality products, but one that priced those products affordably. After finding success with his retail location, he decided that he wanted to produce his own line of quality products. After months of research into quality source material, the Green Door Farms line was launched.

Stop by to learn more about CBD and how our products may help you. Education is key!