The oil is helping me. Customer service is great and so helpful.

Happy Customer - from Square

Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service

She is always so helpful and very knowledgeable.

Happy Customer - from Square

Customer Service, Wait Time, Quality, Other

Can't wait to try the products! Thank you!


Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time

Great experience! Thank you!

Happy Customer - from Square

Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service

Love this place!

Happy Customer - from Square

Customer Service, Quality, Other, Wait Time

It was a good experience. Thank you Terri

Happy Customer - from Square

Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality

Very helpful and informative!

Happy Customer - from Square

Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality, Other

Understanding what the customer needs/ wants and then gives the feed back. I will for-sure be back.

Happy Customer

Amazing products, good prices, and wonderful customer service, in a very welcoming environment. I highly recommend CBD ReLeaf, for anyone dealing with anything from chronic pain, to mild anxiety, and everything in between!

Alex J. Kuck

Upon entering the building, I felt the atmosphere to be almost soothingly calm and a welcoming warmth. The Woman behind the counter greeted Us with a willingness to provide answers to any question(s) and/or openly spoke with knowledge of Her products. We were also greeted by an adorable puppy, who made the experience feel less "business driven" and more like a personal relation, customer care and welcoming vibe. I enjoy finding good customer service and making sure that it gets acknowledged and the recognition it truly deserves. From this first time experience with this shop, I have made the choice to go no where else to purchase CBD products. The products sold are definitely the quality I would hope to find for Human use, so I'll be looking into sharing the products with My family whom have Fur-Baby(s) that would benefit from such quality products, along with the Human family members whom may find the relief available through the product selection. Thank You for the amazing customer service provided today and the knowledge shared. You are greatly appreciated for all You do.

Valerie T.

June 6, 2020 at 7:46 pm
Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time
Great informational sales and very excited to get started.

Brenda Wells

June 12, 2020 at 10:48 am
Customer Service, Wait Time
Im a first time customer, I have not had a fair chance to try the product as of yet. I feel very good about my expierience learning more about the product, and the lady that served me was great!

Cayne Zwickey

June 22 ยท
Terri is super knowledgeable about all of their products and is able to help find the right product for you! The products I've tried so far have been amazing for what i need them for! would definitely recommend checking them out!

Cortney Swedin

I wanted to go ahead and give your CBD oil for pets a great review! It helps my 5 year old corgi with severe storm and firework anxiety. She's struggled since she was a young pup so I've tried everything. Medications. Thundershirt. Background noise, reinforcement therapies, distractions, all of it. Nothing really helped her. Until I tried the CBD. She was still a bit anxious but it took her only about an hour to soothe herself and decide to come back out to the living room and not be curled around the toilet in the bathroom. Which is huge! Usually she spends the entire duration of the storm and about an hour or two afterward curled up in the bathroom. So I truly think it helps her to overall feel a calmer and more relaxed during these stressful events. Nothing can ever cure her severe anxiety but this new routine of including the CBD oil into her meals has helped a ton and it's a huge deal for us!

Allie Cavazos

7/25/20, 11:54 am
Customer Service
New gal in training did a wonderful job at providing excellent, honest, & knowledgeable service.

Diana Kubicek

August 6, 2020
Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time
Great place I will go back.

Susan B.

Terry is so knowledgeable and patient about explaining the different products! She is just so fun to visit with.

Bonnie F.

Excellent customer service/employee.

Shawn B.

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